Hi! My name is Becky. I’ve been working in technology and on the internet for over 25 years. I’ve watched the way people have used the internet change and grow in so many ways. As an early adopter of social media and online communities, I have seen many trends come and go throughout. I’ve always been interested in what people like to do online and why.

In addition to that, I have spent many years in digital marketing and advertising. It’s been fascinating to dig into what behaviors people have when they are online. This is what I was doing when the pandemic hit. My job disappeared. After sitting around looking for one where there were none, I decided to take what I know and build on it. That’s when I started Friendz Trendz.

Friendz Trendz is an idea that came about from watching people on social media repeatedly share and talk about similar things. The current trend would last for a short period of time and move on to the next one. I wanted to start capturing these trends in a fun and positive way.

Come along with me on the journey!